The Daughters of Jesus are ALWAYS READY to serve the m ission of CHRIST and the CHURCH wherever is most needed. Because of that they give their lives facing the challenge of the interculturality, interreligiousity…

The worry and the action to help the poor is vital in Mother Candida: “WHERE THERE IS NO PLACE FOR MY POOR THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ME”. so, it is present over since the beginnings of the Congregation:

“To go to towns which are most needed of our schools: To go to the towns most needed of education and evagelization, to the places most needed of Church´presence or where this is least; to go to the marginated, to whom nobody pays attention, to those who are in places and situations of frontier, where life is more threatened, where the poorest and least favored live”. (Lectura Vivencia y Actualizada de la Fórmula de la Congregación, LVAF nº 34)

In the actuality the Daughters of Jesus are present in:

• Pastoral attention, human promotion, to visit jails…
• To accompany people who are in a process of integration so that they may be feeling as autonomous citizens and with enough resources to become independent
• To offer help, company and work
•To offer the progressive social inclusion at every level in the incoming society

Woman Promotion:
• It is intended to offer women who are in great exclusion situation, social or vulnerable a space of personal growth in which they may be protagonists at the recovering of their proper dignity
• Help to women in a "domestic violence" situation.

Jail pastorate:
Through this apostolate it is claimed:
• To sensibilize the Christian Community about the problems of hose in jail
• To promote and form agents of jail pastorate
• Presence in the Jail Center
• Closeness to the one in jail and defense of his/her rights
• To maintain mail relationships
• Care to the family of the jailer
• Help and accompany after they leave jail
• Coordination of activities
• Pastoral attention
• Cultural, sports, and festive activities.

Infancy on risk:
Through the attention to children, boys and girls at street, to younger in both sexes, who for different causes are in dangerous situations, welcome homes etc. it is tried:
• To create an educational climate which may give some power to the development of the child and its complete psicosocial integration
• To provide the formation and promotion of the children and adolescents through the school reinforcement and human - Christian formation
• To offer an educational and social means which allows to prevent and to identify risk situation of social exclusion trying to minimize its presence and influence and to empower every positive aspect of the children´s and adolescents´ life.

Family´s Pastorate:
• Visits and company to families who are in different places, and personal meetings…

Pastorate in Hospitals:
• We do collaborate from the Parish volunteers, they visit sick people and take Communion

Pastorate with the aborigine of the mountains:
• In Taiwán, they collaborate with the Jesuit Priests who work at the mountain. The Pastorate they accomplish is through the Religion teaching, in the Parishes and Schools, visits to pupils and youngsters encouraging them to go to School

• School baking and adults alphabetization
• Periodical following to families who live at different towns

Passerbyes and displaced:
• Care and giving help to socially marginated people with the social reinsertion as a means


- Bolivia: María Ángeles Iturrioz FI,
- Spain: Soledad Mena FI,
- Taiwan: Ana Liu FI,